Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some sunshine on a sick day :)

So hubby is away again (we're on day 3 of 12) and I love staying up and watching late movies. Last night I found a movie (didn't know it was going to be 3 HOURS when I sat down!!) and stayed up far too late for playing single mom these couple of weeks. Aw well I thought to myself -- I'll sleep in ;-). Famous last words. My boy was up at 4am with the stomach flu. BLEK. I don't do well with all of that. My hubby & I made an agreement early on that I would do the poopy diapers (some strange reason not a problem -- for him the gag-reflux kicked in every time!!) and he'd do the pukey stuff. So last night was VERY challenging for me and my little guy climbed into bed with me and spent the next few hours reaching for his bucket and us going to the bathroom again, and again. Poor little guy! So my day started at 4am. I tried to crawl back into bed at 6:30, but it really was no use. I was up every 15 minutes with him. He's now laying on the couch watching a little tv. I have the timer going every 15 minutes for him to take a sip of water. It's so cute to hear his little sister call out to him during her play "Joshua! Take a sip!". She's so mothering! :) My oldest on the other hand stuffed rolled up tissue in her ears so she couldn't hear him! LOL.

As I was stealing a little computer time, I began to download some photos from our summer holiday time. I love this photo of Sarah. It's SO her & so bright & happy -- a little piece of sunshine. I can rarely get a photo of her without some goofy face! (She's going to wish she smiled when it comes time for her wedding slide show!!!). We found this floppy orange hat in a little local shop & seeing as ORANGE is STILL her favorite color, we had to buy it.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday and pause to count some of your blessings on this day. I remind my children when they are sick to remember all those wonderful days blessed with good health. :)

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Quilt Nut said...

ack-hope he's feeling better! dh and i have a similar arrangement