Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fruit Flies aren't intelligent are they?

OK... I obviously got overly excited to see my infestation of fruit flies IN A JAR when I was telling you all (or perhaps just one -- Hi Kelly!!) about the fruit fly remedy (rotten banana in jar). Well... still have some fruit flies I tried it again with no luck! How could it work SO WELL the first time & not at all the second time... Hmmmm.... those little creatures aren't THAT smart -- are they? After searching again, I found the following & have set the trap out tonight....
Make a funnel trap:
1. Make a cone out of the sheet of paper (like a funnel). Tape the outside of the cone so that it stays in place.
2. Check that the cone fits snugly into a glass or cup.
3. Cut off the tip of the cone so that you now have a funnel.
4. Pour a small amount of cider vinegar into the glass or cup. (Rum mixed with orange juice also works very well - additionally, a half teaspoon of baker's yeast in water can also suffice)
5. Insert the funnel into the glass or cup, but don't let the bottom of the funnel touch the liquid. Tape the funnel in two or three places from the outside so that there is no gap between the glass and the cone.
6. Place your newly created trap on a flat surface. The flies will be attracted by the smell of the fruity vinegar and fly into the cone. The flies will slip down the cone and will either land in the vinegar and drown or will be trapped and not able to get back out. If you leave the trap overnight, the trapped fruit flies will eventually fall into the vinegar and drown.
I know -- DROWN. Even my daughter is now OK with killing the fruit flies. I'll let you know tomorrow how the funnel test goes.

Now you can see why I have little time to stamp! I'm fighting a war in my own home! LOL. On the stamping end of things, I did cut out my new sets while I watched Cold Case :) Yeah.... I'll honestly get back to stamping as I'm sure SOME of you could care less about fruit flies! :p

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