Friday, September 21, 2007

so, so sad....

With only two weeks before MOVING into the new house we hit a road block, or shall I say a river!!! Our plummer arrived to hooked up all our facets & toilets. YEAHOOOO - one would THINK, right?! Well.... when he turned the water on in the house he didn't check to see if anything was leaking and the water line in the cabinet in the main bathroom upstairs was either open or had a failure & several gallons of water leaked out onto our floor. We didn't realize how extensive the damage was until later in the day when we saw water dripping from an electrical outlet in the garage ceiling!!! {INSERT WEEPING & WAILING HERE!!} David cut a number of holes in the floor Thursday evening and vacuumed out standing water in the joist cavities. The drywall tape is pulling away in the garage ceiling and there is a little bit of damage to the bathroom cabinet. Also, quite a bit of water got to the underlay under the linoleum. Right now I have fans drying the cavities out & I guess once everything is completely dry I will have the drywaller come out and see if any sheets need to be replaced or if he can just retape the joints. Hopefully the cabinet is fine and the lino won't peel up or swell. We'll keep our eye on it over the next week or two and see what happens. Deep breath... we'll get it cleaned up good as new. So Friday I took hubby to the airport {insert sad tears} and headed back home. Checked in at the house, made sure the fans were going and locked up. Today I got the kids off to school & picked up the remaining lights for the house & got back to the house to put the lights in each room.... WAIT A SECOND??? Is that water on the floor in the ENSUITE?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I open the cabinet & sure enough, the valve is open slightly. So for the last 48 hours, water has been leaking out, into the cabinet, out the back, up the drywall.... {INSERT WEEPING, WAILING, and complete FRUSTRATION!}. I couldn't believe it. I called my hubby (who is now in Alberta!) and chatted with him as I was cleaning up the mess. I told him I was ready to bail my eyes out, he informed me that wouldn't be a great idea, there was already enough water in the house... LOL. He made me smile -- that guy has a gift! So I'm sad... so, so sad. Feeling very unmotivated to do anything now. So I might just stamp tonight -- kinda think I deserve it. Think the plummer needs ANOTHER phone call! :(

Thankfully, it's only water. A house in town had an electrical fire, so it could always be worse. It's coming through the ceiling, but in the garage, not the main living area.... wish my hubby was home though.

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kellycats said...

So sad, almost brought tears to my eyes. I know it will all work out though, even though it probably doesn't feel like it right now! Keep your chin up and just think only 2 more weeks till you are all!