Saturday, September 29, 2007


After soccer games today I think I'm numb! WOW was it ever cold! BABY! I even had my winter coat on! Guess it's time to put hats & mitts in the soccer bag (did I say that out loud?) Bye Summer... *sigh*. My hubby always uses these moments to CONVINCE me we really ought to be living in Arizona!

Well two more sleeps until he's home & I'm so excited! Excited at the thought of actually moving into our new place, excited that I don't have to make all the decisions without him, excited that he can now deal with the tradesmen in fixing the water damage, excited that he can take kids to soccer on wet days and I can stay in a cozy house..... ahhhhhh.....not to mention just having him here. :) It's amazing what 'presence' does isn't it? Just knowing they're home... love it!

When I was at the mall getting birthday gifts for kids' birthday parties this weekend (is there such a thing as a "quiet weekend at home?!") I bought him some high-quality chocolate. He loves chocolate (addicted actually - I think he's almost ready to admit it himself! LOL). So I made him this card that inside says "I love coming home to you." :) I thought I'd leave it on his pillow :)

I used the "Right At Home" stamp set by stampin' up! I colored with primsacolor pencils & stampin' write markers. I also cut out the center house so I could pop it up so there was a little depth (and hey!... no sewing on this one!) haha.

As the birthday party ends a sleepover here begins so I best get somewhat organized for that. I thought I'd do some packing tonight (2 days to pack the house? don't think so)... but .... I'm hoping my Mom comes for Thanksgiving. She just emailed me & I'd so love her & her hubby & even my brother (yahooooo) to come!! They are awesome with moving & I know she'd be #1 to help my unfinished house with water damage & no flooring feel like a home.... how do mom's do that?! :)

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Quilt Nut said...

love the card! when is moving day?