Thursday, September 13, 2007

The painting continues...

As you can guess with my lack of posts this week (A) hubby is home (*smiles*) & (B) I'm painting again. Or should I say still! At least now I'm outside working on the exterior & sweatin' like crazy in the heat & sunshine. Feels good to be in the sun & I'm hoping that the extra sweat will lead to weight loss! Snicker, snicker. One can hope! Painting isn't all that "active", but I sweat like it is! HA! It's smokin' hot these days. SO... that's where I've been. I hope to take some "recent" pics of the house tomorrow to share. Thought I'd TRY to get a wee bit more painting so it looked a little better for the photo. ;) Need to get the nerve to get up into those peeks! EEK! BUT... the plummer is there installing the sinks & toilets, cabinet maker is putting on the doors, electrician is hanging lights & fixtures, insulators are blowing in the attic... there was a LOT of activity going on today -- LOVE IT! The thought of having a toilet is.... WONDERFUL! :)))))

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