Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Creating With Jen - Using A Hot Knife

Question #1 - can you have too many stamps?
Answer: Of course not!

Question #2 - can you run out of room to store your stamps?
Answer #2 - Apparently, you can.

Question #3 - what can you do about that dilemma?
Answer #3 - go to unmounted/acrylic. *GASP!*

After much searching (yes I should be packing!!) I found EZ-Mount. Where can you buy it here on the island? You can find it at The Old Island Stamp Company. Then of course you need a hot knife, and then you need... isn't that how it goes? Anyway, check out this video clip -- looks cool. And WAY LESS space to store. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to UN-mount my SU sets, but... I do have rubber here that I'm looking forward to USING easier! :)



kellycats said...

Love it. Need one. Maybe then I would have ALL my stamps cut out....

Marie said...

Hi Jen! I found the hot knife at Michaels for $26.99 at Michaels (50% off this week) and the one I got is only $19.99 (on sale this week) and it has more tips/functions!!!
You can also buy replacement blades at Ms too - I needed to replace mine but as you know I've used it A LOT in the last little while!!!!
Have fun with the packing...and YES I am unmounting my SU! stamps.
Hot Knife $19.99
Ez-Mount $5 a sheet
Extra space PRICELESS!!!