Friday, March 07, 2008


I started working on Joshua's birthday invitations. This was my first one, he liked it and it was a "done deal" :) Then we decided on a SURVIVOR party and switched the invitations up a bit -- I'll show you his finale tomorrow:) For today here was the *original*.

Flooring guys put on the FINAL coat today -- wooohoooo.... We'll be able to move back home on Sunday - yaaaahooo -- can't wait to get back home, although being here has been fabulous (minus them there cats!) -- to be able to soak in a tub, lay by a fire.. ahhhh... such a beauty of a house too. But... there's no place like home. Even though we don't have interior doors or the soaker tub installed -- still nice :)
Wishing you a fabulous weekend -- whatcha up to?

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Kimmer said...

Jen, there's a survivor game in the closet outside the nursery at church. You should get it and see if there's any good ideas in it!