Monday, March 03, 2008

Hello Monday

Today brings two kids home sick with a nasty bug (hubby's got it too), workers in the house sawing, banging & finishing up the staircase (we've got a love/hate relationship! LOL - love that they're here, tired of all the noise & mess -- yes, I have a tablesaw set up in my living room!!) And through it all we're planning birthday parties. So fun. My oldest has turned 11 & my middle-guy turns 9 this month. She's doing a live version of the game Clue (her idea & a very cool one in my books) and He is going a game of Survivor -- way cool! :) I'll show you the duds I made for invitations (thankfully my 6 year old's birthday is around the corner and she loves everything so her invites will all be different! LOL) Typically I make an invite or two and my daughter picks her favorite. This year she had specifics (polka-dots, and a bee stamp)... so off I went and after FIVE attempts neither one of us really liked any of them.... however... this was the close second: (the *winner* was actually a different stamp altogether! LOL)

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