Saturday, March 01, 2008

From Scraps to a card....

Do you ever find your space is shrinking? I'm talking about your work-space. As I stamp I find all my cuttings, and tools crowding in and I'm left stamping on a tiny corner of what was my empty table! LOL. I decided to make this card with "scraps" that were laying around my table... (The design paper is from Basic Grey) - It was great to clean up a few bits & pieces and I was surprised with how they went together :) I'm now trying to get into the habit of CLEANING up my space (yes, entirely) after a stamping session. Yes, I usually have to quit 10 minutes earlier than I'd like, but I find myself SO MUCH more creative in a clean space. Sort of like the house.... if my kitchen is clean, I can function :) Try it this week & let me know how it makes you feel :)


Michelle said...

Nice card - I like the layout & colors.

I always clean up after I work on something, like you said you just work better & that is definately the case for me - I need to have everything back in it's "home" at the end of the day!

otagogirl said...

This post made me laugh, brcause you described my working space perfectly! I have two big tables that I set up for classes, but mostly work on myself- and they are often so covered that I end up with one timy corner, surrounded by stuff! I'm taking the challenge!
I always keep my scraps too, your pretty card is proof of how they come in useful!

sheila said...

I know how you feel while you're stamping. It's amazing how much you can accomplish in an 8 x 8 square of clean space. LOL Love you card. Will have to challenge myself to use the scraps I have lying around.