Saturday, March 08, 2008

Soccer Extravaganza!

Did I make it? Did I REALLY make it through this day! WOW. There was a 9am game, a 10am, a 10:15, a noon, a race for the 12:45 game, a 2pm game and then a 3:15 game. Throw in one wrap up party from 1-3pm and another one from 3-5pm and you've got yourself one HECK-OF-A-DAY to be a SINGLE PARENT. IIIEeeeesh! Thank goodness the kids all have AMAZING coaches that didn't mind keeping a child for awhile so I could race to another game and for Grandparents that could do a drop off and pick up for me. It would have been nice if they were all at least in our town, but my oldest had all her games about 40 minutes away. C-R-A-Z-Y! Now everyone is in bed and we get to do it all over again tomorrow -- LOL -- *ONLY* four games tomorrow. So once I get the laundry done, dishes finished up & start packing as we 'move out' of here and back home tomorrow (not sure when I'll fit that all in)... I plan to sit and watch a movie. OH YES, I do know my mother would be saying GO TO BED CHILD! haha.. but I must veg and have *quiet time* before I rest my weary head. Are you like that? Can't seem to just GO TO BED, need a little "me time". I'd love some stamping time, but that'll come I hope :) So as promised, here's Joshua's final invite card as we switched it to go with the survival theme :)
I hope your day was amazing and your night is restful,

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Quilt Nut said...

that is insane! glad you survived. very cute card