Thursday, March 06, 2008

what morning, already?

What a restless night we had. Humph. Sleeping at my sister's house while they're away and I now know why we do not have cats (beyond the fact that I'm allergic). I had to keep my door closed and for some reason THAT was the room they wanted last night. All night they rattled the door and MEOWED. UGH. Weary today. Good stiff coffee this morning so hopefully that will help me drag through. Oldest is home sick today -- we just can't seem to conquer this flu bug. One person ends, the next begins & then we start the cycle all over again.
HOWEVER. All that aside, here's another card to share with you. I'll be pumping out the cards today to get ready to hand out tomorrow :) Kids are so excited to take their invitations to school so I best get them done! :)
Hope you have a happy (and healthy!) day :)

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