Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bag Tutorial.

Tuesday has arrived, and according to the fridge calendar, that means that the new renters are coming through to have one last peek at the townhouse before moving in. For me that means being semi-organized & tidy. SO HARD to do in the middle of packing, soccer games, hockey gear *air drying*, packing paper being used as basketballs, sorting piles of this & that.... oh the joys! BUT, after today then there will be NO MORE showings & that is a good thing. Still trying to go through & figure out what we'll need at my mom, what we'll need on our trip, what we'll need for potentially 4-8 months! That's a long time to pack for (and to ONLY have the back of a pick up!). No, our "trip" will only be for a month or so, but we're going to spend the summer in Vernon....

OK, found another very fun sewing project.

Click HERE for the details. Not sure if it's all this snow again that makes me want to turn on the fire & craft away, but... I do look forward to some time to create again!!

enjoy your day, .j.


Anonymous said...

the link is for camera straps, did I miss something?
thanks D

Jennifer said...

oops. my error. all fixed now, sorry about that :) Thanks for letting me know.