Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pie Crust Pastry

Here's the recipe I use for pie crusts. I use this mostly for meat pies (don't really make the fruity kind) but HAVE used this for pastry apple dumplings (MMMmm). Weekend is here, we survived (and ENJOYED!) both parties. very fun. Monday tomorrow - new week for me needs to be MUCH PACKING. Cannot believe how fast this month is going. Yikes!

For quiches, meat pies or as a covering for casseroles. I use this for my meat pies, chicken pot pie..... YUMMY. It freezes beautifully. I make this batch, form into small disks and then stick it in the freezer to have a continuous supply!

5 cups All-purpose Flour
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. Baking powder
3 TBPS. Brown sugar
1 lb. Lard, room temperature
1 Egg
2 TBSP. Vinegar
Cold Water
Measure flour, salt, baking powder & brown sugar into large bowl. Stir together to distribute all ingredients.
Add lard. Cut into pieces with knife. With pastry cutter (I just use my fingers), cut in lard until whole mixture is crumbly & feels moist.
Break egg into measuring cup. Fork beat well. Add vinegar. Add cold water to measure 1 cup. Pour slowly over flour mixture stirring with fork to distribute. With hands, work until it will hold together. Divide into 4 equal parts. Each part is sufficient for a med. size 2 crust pie. Wrap in plastic & store in fridge for 1-2 weeks or (like me) stick them in your freezer. Just take it out the night before & put it in your fridge. It'll be ready to go when you are!

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