Tuesday, March 24, 2009

changes & stitched bookmarks.

Changes. That could be one work to sum up our life. Things have been turned upside down here in the last couple weeks {days even} with my husband's work schedule being totally changed. This of course changed everything for us (our schedule, holiday time, leave date...) In all of this we are both just very thankful he has a good job. In today's economy, having to wait a little longer to go on an adventure is not a bad thing. So, everything has been pushed about a month (who knows if that will change again) - we're just taking each day, one at a time. It seems each day something new has transpired, so we'll have a soft plan in place {in pencil only} and just see what happens. Good thing I didn't pack all my stamping stuff yet. Planning on making a stamp day for myself next week! With all this stress I'm NEEDING that!
While I continue to fill my creative void with other people's, I found this amazing idea for stitched bookmarks. Both my girls are AVID readers. I loved this idea of having them draw & stitch a bookmark - what a keepsake! If you're interested, check it out {here}
Enjoy your week.