Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday's Radom Tips.

I love tips. Anything that will make life easier... BRING IT ON!! :) LOL. What's your best tip?

Here are a few TOTALLY random ones I have:
  1. Have a bins (in color families) on your table as you stamp/scrap. Throw pieces directly in there as you work so you have (a) less to clean up (b) a place to grab a small piece if you're just needing to punch something out. use mine all the time!

  2. Brown Sugar HARD as a rock? Stick a slice or two of an apple in there.... in a couple days it'll be soft & ready to use again. I use this method a lot now!

  3. Norwex clothes! My sister in law sells them & they are AMAZING. I now only use WATER for all my cleaning. No more chemicals in my house - yeah!! .... and the house shines. Love it.

OK - I thought I'd leave you with a card sketch I found online. Sometimes all it takes is a sketch to get your creative juices flowing again....

Hope your week is going smoothly :)


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