Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Allll gooooood :)

Last night I had a knock on my door and there at my door were a dozen roses. *sigh*.... remember that movie WAY back called Bed of Roses? Loved that movie... anyway I was the receiver & was thrilled. My hubby is off working in Alberta & he sent me roses!! K, this is a BIG deal because he gives me flowers at BEST once a year (my birthday is the day before Valentine's Day so it's a combo thing for him!). So to get an unexpected delivery & wake up to the soft scent of roses this morning in my kitchen? YUMMY!!!! To top it off it's a beautiful day & I got a great run in down at the ocean front --- ahhhhh, life is good. Better if DH was home, but only 4 more sleeps :) I made a card last night for a friend of mine (fellow coffee-lover). When I saw this Bella stamp I KNEW it was a MUST HAVE for me. I thought, hey... a stamp of ME!?! ;-)
I thought I'd throw in a personal recipe too with summer coming around the corner. I love ICED COFFEE.... who's with me on this one?! To make your own, brew extra strength coffee (I use nearly DOUBLE the grounds I usually do with the same amount of water), brew & add sugar to your taste, a good amount of cream (admittedly I use 2% milk, big jump for me -- I'm a skim milk girl!) -- enough to make it look right (how are you enjoying my accurate recipe thus far! LOL)... then chill. I make it in the morning and then in the afternoon, grab a big 'ol cup, fill 'er up with crushed ice and then pour that yummy coffee over top. Grab your latest scrapbook magazine, sit & enjoy!

It's Alllll Gooooooood!!!
- j.

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Allison said...

Cute bella...congrats on the roses!