Monday, May 21, 2007

Soggy....groggy... and a new auntie!!

Just got in from camping (hense no posts from me lately) and we had... RAIN, rain, RAIN! :( The kids had so much fun. They didn't seem to care one bit that the rain was pelting down on them, and of course Joshua was having the greatest time being dirty 24/7. AHHH... coming home to clean water, a shower & flush toilets -- heaven!!

While we were away my brother & sister-in-law had a new baby!!! Isaac James was born on May 19th and we're tickled *blue* ! ;-)

Guess I'll be posting a baby card here soon! Wonder if my Bella Stamps will be in my mailbox tomorrow -- wouldn't that be a sweet-treat (and allow me to procrastinate on the damp/smokey clothes piled HIGH in my hallway!!)

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kellycats said...

should of camped in Parksville (we were there for a family reunion) and the weather was amazing. Sorry to rub it in....hee hee.

Post a pic of the new baby. Love to see new baby photos.