Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Punch Idea

We were able to get close & personal with a new punch box set that will be coming out in the new July catalog. It's adorable :) When it was being demonstrated, it was said again & again to balance the size of a card with the size of a stamp set. Makes sense doesn't it. How many times have a grabbed a wee little stamp wondering HOW to get it to work on a full card front sized card?! DUH. There were a lot of small cards (even a tiny one!) demonstrated. This little frog card wasn't made by me and I should have written down the creator with my photos, but I didn't - sorry! Very clever though. She took the set of 3 flower punch-out, covered it partially with the ribbon and voila! they become little frogs! TOO CUTE. Honestly I wonder who thinks of these things -- CLEVER LADIES! Proves to me that I need more stampin' time! LOL.

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