Monday, May 28, 2007

Possible STAMP night! YEEEAH!

Well we drove Daddy to the airport yesterday (*sniff, sniff*) as he starts his new job this week. Another adventure for us as we stay here in BC and he works in Alberta. He is on a 6 in and a 6 out shift, so when it's all said in done, he'll be home WAY more than he usually is, but it's still hard knowing his not coming home at night. So I'm Mom & Mrs. Dad this week. Tried to play Lacrosse with my little guy yesterday (note to self -- GOOGLE Lacrosse and figure it out! LOL), so I was already missing Daddy after being home a whole hour! haha.

We awoke to yummy sunshine, so we've been cleaning & doing the laundry today in hopes that TONIGHT.... alas -- I WILL STAMP! After 20 invites for my little girls b'day party (which was a huge hit!) I was a wee bit stamped out. HOWEVER... my Bella's have arrived, and I must stamp! LOL. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able upload my accomplishments!

Now we're off to pick up the other munchkins from school & head to the lot -- we've got insulation -- yippeee... (ah yes, this is the slowest house ever to be built!) How does the expression go -- a mechanics car is never fixed, a builder's house is never...... hahaha. Off to vacuum & clean so the drywalling can BEGIN. It will be pure BLISS once we're IN there I tell ya!

Enjoy this sunshine. -.j.

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