Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Punch Happy

I *snuck* some stampin' time over the last couple of days. You know how it goes... 5 minutes here (punch a few things) -- 10 minutes there (ink & stamp QUICK) --- forget the dishes and grab another 15 minutes (woohoo!). Of course now my house LOOKS like I snuck some stamping time! YIKES. Kids are here playing with sand from the Bahamas! LOL --- i see they have dumped it all out in a container (I almost filled a 1L bottle!) and have a spoon and they are having a grand 'ol time! :) As long as there's enough to incorporate into my next set of cruise pages!

OK, back to my stolen stampin' moments. Some of my favorite spring colors are apricot appeal, pretty in pink & certainly celery. My little girl's fav color is ORANGE, and when I was making her invites last year it was all orange & pink and I fell in love with that nifty little combo. So I played with my circle punches & made some flowers, stamped some -- added some buttons and a couple brads. I tried a new little tip from the cruise -- take the white stazon and coat your brads to make them white! :) I found it was a bit "sticky" so I used the heat gun & that seemed to "dry" them enough to handle.

Also used the new punch from the mini (love that one) and decided to use it to hold a ribbon and then make the parenthesis with it as well :)

Now I need to make a few masculine ones.... stay tuned ;-)

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Allison said...

These are a cute idea...and my whole life is stolen stamping moments and then frantically cleaning the house at 4 so DH doesn't know!