Friday, April 18, 2008


It's Friday. I'm done my run, home now to do some cleaning, kids all arrive home from school in about an hour & I'm LOVING that the weekend is here! :))))) So looking forward to some relaxation mode! We've had workers trapsing through the house all week and although I love the THINKING that things are getting DONE, I like to think I'm showering all alone (yes, still no interior doors!)

I've had a few people ask me about COPIC markers. They are the BOMB! Seriously, if you love to color then you MUST, MUST try these. Prices little guys, but amazing! Now I've also been asked a number of times WHERE IN CANADA can you get these babies. Well... I can now not only TELL YOU WHERE, but... wait for it.... she gives FREE SHIPPING! I know, I know. She's amazing! "She Runs With Scissors" is now carrying the COPIC SKETCH markers for $7.99. SWEEEEEEET! AND.... She has a copic club -- Every six markers you buy you get one free! Once you have purchased 24 markers you will get two more free. That ends up being buy 24 markers, you end up with 6 more FREE! Tack on the free shipping & this is an AMAZING BUY! Plus, she keeps track of all the markers you buy from her so you'll never buy two the same -- now that in itself is worth BIG BUCKS to me. yes, I've purchased doubles a time or two!!! She has a toll free number # 1-877-287-4572 so you can call and order them up. She's also got nestabilites for $24.99!! *sigh*... I love buying goodies. She carries Bella Stamps too... SO.... call her! Tell her Jennifer from Nanaimo, BC sent ya! (no, I don't get anything for it, but I told her I'd pass along her great news 'cause I love her store soooo much!)
OK - that's my exciting news! :) Have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is great!! Does she have a website???


Jennifer said...

Yes, she does! :)