Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Monday.

The other day I pulled out some bella stamps and thought I'd stamp a few so I could color (got a new package of COPICS in the mail!) when I had the chance. As I was stamping I dropped the stamp.... grr... hate that. Then I took another look and thought it was PERFECT. You know... so sick that the room is spinning type of thing. LOL. My daughter walked in and thought it was cool and how did I do it? One of those errors turned good :) Bet I couldn't do it again if I wanted!

I also really like polyshrink (or shrinkydinks depending where you get it) to create my own charms. I know I've shown you this before, but it's a really neat and different way to get a sentiment on your card. Simply stamp with stazon ink (the dye inks will just smudge off) and punch your hole (remembering to use a regular sized hole punch as the hole shrinks too) and then use your heat tool to *shrink* it up. This one was a little deformed which I thought was perfect for my *sick* card :)

Happy Monday -- hope you're healthy and if not at least on the mend.


Sue Farrant said...

LOL..this is funny looks like maybe it is not the flu this bella has but that she stayed out partying too late last night? LOL

Quilt Nut said...

love it!