Saturday, April 05, 2008

My woods....

I have been a bad blogger the last while. Lots of my stamping stuff it temporarily packed up and other stuff is accessible -- why is it that what I want to use is hard to get to and what I could pass by is available.... the 'ol want what ya can't have is in high gear here! LOL. I thought I'd pop my nose in here anyway. I guess even though I have nothing CARD-like to show you I can still ramble :)

My hubby has been working hard in our own private "woods" and it's looking awesome. He's made trails and make-shift bridges.... log walls and clearings.... it's such an amazing space. The kids love to explore and find frogs & salamanders, ride there bikes and build forts... here's some pics he took the other day:

Oh.. dinner update on the pasta -- I thought it was good. Kids didn't like those sundried tomatoes though.... might use fresh next time or skip 'em altogether :)
Enjoy your weekend!

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