Tuesday, April 22, 2008

snowy weekend

We got so much snow over the weekend, it was crazy!! Throw in a little one with a high fever, workers in the house, and training for the run this weekend in Victoria... no stamping. So I'll show you a few pics instead. We have the flooring guys come and look at the areas that are not drying (why did one of those areas have to be my stamp room!!) and then I think they have decided to bring in the buffing machines and see if that helps. So... stamping stuff is still mostly packaged & in disarray! :( .... soon I'm hoping!!
Yes, this is my daughter's bike that the kids were riding the DAY BEFORE!
I'm not sure WHY a inner-tube was left outside, but the kids thought it was quite funny to have a "snow donut" in the yard!
the little *creek* in the front woods.
I hope you're all finding time to stamp.