Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Challenge for you -- are you up for it?

I thought I'd try to make a couple of "teacher" cards to have on hand. I'd like to *surprise* each teacher throughout the year with a handmade card & a personal note from each child to express their own thanks & appreciation for their teacher. I had fun with this teachabella and tried (for the first time) doing paper piecing for her top. How fun is that!? Too cute.
My "Challenge" to you: Send a card to someone this week "just because" -- & not a stranger on a list of names you have from online groups. Someone you KNOW and maybe even live nearby. You'll be amazed at how much they are touched with your thoughtfulness :) And.... you'll get warm fuzzies knowing you helped brighten someones day! Leave me a message & let me know who you're sending to -- perhaps a little accountability will help (*smiles*)

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I am doing this this whom...... thinking