Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a great idea!

In my blog surfing this morning (it is POURING outside like only the west coast can & it's freeeeeezing cold -- you know that *DAMP* cold that chills you to your bones! yeah, that kind! so I'm hiding indoors today and completely ignoring my to-do list -- shhhhhh, don't tell on me. :) ANYWOOOO, I found this amazing site called: Craft Critique and she demonstrated an fabo idea using chipboard. Now I'm sure like me you {love} stampin' up!'s designer papers. So beauuutiful! You can use chipboard coasters or whatever you have... perhaps even a cereal box would work! how cool is that? (I'll have to play today and see...) but you COVER your chipboard with desinger paper FIRST and then cut it out using a cuttlebug, Sizzix or other *cutter* and template machine you have. I know I have a box full of chipboard coasters that I purchased from a lady & this is a great use for some of them! So check her out (I think if I copy & paste it here it's considered "blog theft" and I'm trying to avoid felony charges :) ) So check her out. :) Click here. Oh, & tell me what you think? Hopefully I'll be able to post something for you with this nifty idea... now where would I have packed those coasters.... hmmmmmmmmm.....


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