Monday, October 22, 2007

Wrought Iron Punch Tip Sheet.

Monday is here. A new week. My oldest is off to Victoria for a school trip & is soooo excited (what fun!) and I'm sure she'll be buzzing with stories after school. LOVE THAT! She took my digi camera with her so she'll snap happy while she's gone. I have ONE MORE ROOM to paint so I think I'll prime it today & try to paint it tomorrow (hubby comes home this week so I best get *something* done! LOL). I don't think he'll be too impressed if I just show him a stack of cards I stamped while he's been away! LOL. Well.... he'd probably smile & be happy I was having some down time. We've been working really hard while he's home on getting this house done. Still a long road ahead of us as we hope to begin our flooring this shift home. YEAH - REAL floors which means we MIGHT actually get DOORS! To pee in peace will be marvelous! LOL. Or to simply shower and KNOW you won't have intruders! haha. Too funny -- what an adventure we're on.
In my blog surfing last night I came across this nifty little chart. Love how some people's brains work & they come up with these great ideas! So... if you're feeling like playing today, pull out your wrought iron punch & try something different with it!
-cause we love to play, don't we :)

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