Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday.... again?

Are the days ever melting into each other -- I think the older we get the fast time travels. Maybe that's because we want to savor moments & realize that our babies grow up. Valentine's Day is JUST around the corner (10 minutes in adult time! LOL) so I thought I'd better dust off those stamps and get busy :) I once saw this hilarious card made with the hippo stamp here (zoofari, stampin' up!) and the caption was "you horny?" LOL -- so funny. Anyway, no "caption" on this card, but I did want those lovey-dovey hippos to FACE EACH OTHER. I decided to use a piece of transparency and stamp one on one side and one on the other. Worked. :) The only trouble was taking the photo without getting a glare off the transparency. I popped out the little heart above them as well. A simple card.

Happy Monday.


Kathy W said...

Great idea to use a transparency to give your card a mirror image. Very cute valentine; thanks for sharing.

ddnjoys2stamp said...

Oh that is so sweet!! Congrats Shannon!!