Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday's Freebie :)

So far I have had no luck in giving out my prizes.... so please remember to check back on MONDAY to see if you've WON :)! If prizes aren't claimed in two weeks from drawn date, I'll put them back in the basket for a prize later on :) Sound good? :) The weekend has arrived and with the snow still on the ground I'm thinking soccer games will be cancelled tomorrow (inside I'm screaming yahoooooo-- a REAL day off! LOL). Flooring is due to go down TODAY. Yesterday it was suppose to start but our installer got stuck in the snow :( .... everyone east of BC must laugh at us. A few measely inches on the ground and the whole island is a mess -- !

I know my blog is a mish-mash of this & that - cards, challenges, scrapbooking, house jargen, recipes, babbling.... so my question for this giveaway is... do you like blogs that have specific things on a particular day (example - friday freebies, wednesday's challenge, thursday a recipe....) or are you all about the stamping and could care less about the other stuff :) LOL. ONTO the *freebie* -- this week I thought I'd offer up 20 inspiration sheets. Yes, some of them are retired sets that are used, but they're still excellent in providing a sketch for you to follow and create. I've even done inspiration nights where you have to follow a sheet, make the cards shown USING a DIFFERENT stamp set than the one given. It's amazing how the cards come out. Look forward to chatting with you :)

remember to check back and see if you've won on Monday. I'll post some cards I made the other day saturday and sunday so you can pop in and visit then too :)


Anita said...

Wow, I can't believe I am the first to post a comment! COOL! I love to look at the cards you post, but I also like to try for a "freebie" - I don't care what day it's on. I usually make a note to myself to check back! Thanks for the chance at a Friday Freebie!

Darlene said...

thanks for the opp for some Friday Freebies. I think it is a great prize. I will be sure to check back. darlene l

Shannon said...

I like Friday Freebies. I hope I win!

Cathy M said...

Any day is great for a freebie! I just think it's sweet for bloggers out in blogland to offer freebies to their readers.
Thanks for a chance.

susanwood said...

Personally, I like specific things on a specific day..easier to keep track of...great giveaway...thanks for the chance!!

NicoleL said...

Ohhh I love freebie fridays! :) I love looking at other peoples blogs to see their craftiness and get ideas! Thanks for the chance at winning!
Nicole L.

Claire said...

Hmmm > I actually like to see the cards. What's inspired them. If I see something that catches my eye, Then I'll challenge myself to see if I can create something just as beautiful.

Linda said...

I am such a random person, that I like to just look at the blogs, get ideas and if there is something special going on, it is an added plus.
Hope you get to have a free day tomorrow!!
Linda Peterson

CAKVD said...

Those inspiration sheets look great!! I like blogs that are on a schedule...that way I know what to expect and when to expect it. But I do also know that bloggers have lives too and thus may not want to have such a structured blog. So bottom line, I visit both kinds of blogs!!
Cheryl KVD

Kathy W said...

I find inspiration sheets extremely helpful. They provide a good starting point, or sometimes when you just need a quick card, you've got a great example! Thanks for the chance to win. I like blogs that show the blogger's paper art on a regular basis. It is nice to have tutorials or product reviews, but I think that is up to the blogger as it comes up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win some inspiration. I like blogs that are random, that's kind of what I'm like, no specific schedule to get things done. (although sometimes that could be a good thing!) Keep up the great work!

Angel W said...

I would love some inspiration sheets. I was a demo and they had just begun making these so I only have the first year or 1/2 years worth I think. Either way, I'd love em!
I personally like the blogs where its a little of this and a little of that. You're doing great here!!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is great blog candy. It would be so useful. Would love to win the freebie and will be checking in.
Mary Puskar

Wendy said...

I prefer randomness. I'm always excited to see what's new and every day becomes a pleasant surprise. I probably think like this because my life is mostly over organized.

Having said that I like Freebie Friday. My point is I would be happy no matter how you present your blog.

otagogirl said...

Hi Jennifer-
I won last Monday, but I can't find a link for your email address-
can you drop me a line at
otago at accesscable dot net?
Matbe I'm just going blind, but I tried to click on the link in the sales post, and it wouldn't work.
Is there another?
Thanks so much for picking me last week! I'm so excited!

mochamama said...

Wow, super candy, i'll definately stop back over again and again

PATTY said...

love your work. What a neat freebie. I love surfint the net and being inspired by all the scrapbooker/Cardmaker blogs out there.