Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Morning After...

Missed posting yesterday as it was my birthday! :) I took the whole entire day off as Hubby had it planned out & it was completely wonderful. It was full & relaxing all at the same time.... I even had uninterupted stamp time in the morning. Life Is Good.
...and guess what.... I got MY REBEL XTi camera!
OH MY GOODNESS.... I still cannot believe it. *sigh* Not ONLY the camera, but the zoom lens, lens protectors, a 4GB card.... I'm SO EXCITED!!! The next few photos are still taken with my *old* camera (LOL), but soon.... I'll be able to post numerous photos! HAHA.... told my kids they better get ready for some photo shoots! Mama's gotta try out her new camera! Too excited to even tell ya! Been reading through the manual and memorizing all I can so I can play, play, play today.

I did get some boy birthday cards made too which I will post over the next while. Simple ones. My son usually says "got any sport ones" when I tell him he needs to pick out a card for a birthday party... so *sports* was my "theme" :)

Happy Valentine's everyone! I'm making the ultimate cinnimon buns this morning. I'll run HARD tomorrow :)))) Anyone want the most amazing cream cheese icing you ever did eat? Think 'Cinnibon' only fresher! AMAZING -- I'll post it in the next day or two. Guess tomorrow is Friday already -- wow, weeks are going fast aren't they.
Enjoy your day -- hug your sweetie -


Quilt Nut said...

happy belated! love that camera, i'm hoping for one of my own this year lol

otagogirl said...

Jennifer, happy belated birthday-
I'm so pleased you got your camera!
I got mine too- it was our anniversary on Valentine's Day, so guess what what we bought as a present to each other- a Canon Rebel- with all the doings like yours!
I think we have the best husbands!