Saturday, June 30, 2007

Drywall Dust Anyone?

Well, I've been vacuuming floors/walls of drywall dust for 6 hours today -- BLEK! I'm very tired & so ready for some veg-out time. DH just went to pick up some PIZZA (I'll run EXTRA hard on Monday!!) so that will taste so nummy as we seemed to skip lunch as we worked away at the house. We hope to tackle the garage tomorrow, get some primer up & get some GARAGE DOORS! How exciting will that be! :)

Here's a couple of cards I did a few nights ago. I pulled out an older set I had & played. Nice to do that sometimes without thinking about if it's retired or not. Just pure stampin' enjoyment! I used markers to color on the stamp, huffed & stamped ;). I still need some time to play with my new goodies. We'll be busy painting at the house this week, so maybe one evening this week I'll get to slip into my stampin' space & play :)!

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Quilt Nut said...

love that stamp set. isn't drywall dust the worst to clean up? happy painting!