Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Father's day is coming!!

I find it humorous how when it's Mother's Day it is PLASTERED everywhere -- for some reason the world KNOWS that the male gender will not remember this special day. HOWEVER.... us females rock when it comes to Father's day! Don't we?! :) I thought I'd take the next couple of days to share some past father's day *albums* that I have done with the kids for Daddy to help spur you on to get creating. We may KNOW that the big day is coming.... but it doesn't mean we'll STAMP until the night before ;-).
Here's a quick project (no precutting) that uses ONE sheet of 12x12 cardstock.
1. Take your sheet of cardstock and score it in half at 6"
2. Now score the other "end" at 3", 6" and 9" so that you have 4 rectangles on the top and four rectangles on the bottom (clear as mud?!?!)
3. Fold it in half again & adhere the two ends together & you now have your booklet.
4. Accordion fold and cover/decorate as desired!
5. Ask me if you have any questions, I'm good at SHOWING... explaining?.... not so much!! LOL.

Here's the cover. I simply covered it will a piece of designer paper. Do ALL your decorating first (brads included!) before adhering it so you don't have brad tongs or eyelet backings on your next "page".

Here's the back of the mini album/booklet. I always like to date it somehow (then when we look back we'll know how old the kids are :) )

Here's a full view of the inside. Sorry, I think it's a little blurry (REALLY need to get that new camera!!). You may think that the tags will float around in there as the ends are the only places that there is adhesive, but they don't. Just be sure to cut your tags SMALLER than the opening so you're not fighting to get them in & out of the booklet. :)

Panel one.

Panel two & three. Here is used the circle & square punch 1/2 way to create pull tabs.

Panel four.
I dedicated a panel to each of us. One for me & one for each of the kids. Then I looked for a photo of them with their dad and let them write a little something on the back of each tag :) I know Daddy loves these, but honestly, so do I. They are such treasures. It's neat to know when hubby goes away, he looks for his little albums that I have made him to take with him :)
Happy creating. Get the kids involved too.... I'll post another sample from last year tomorrow.

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Ila said...

Wow! Great Father's Day project. TFS!