Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We have REAL walls!!! :)

How can you tell DH is home :).... it's been days since I've posted! Not much stamping time as we enjoyed the weekend (he LOVED his scrapbook - yeah!!). A few house shots as we are *almost* done the drywall (middle of next week). It's very exciting to not be able to walk through the walls and get a real feel of the space. :)

Of course we're still not sure on a move in date. With hubby workin' in another PROVINCE it makes completing a little difficult. His sister is awesome at it all... me? not so much! :) The excavators are there today spreading all the dirt piles so that will look nice too and we'll get a real feel for the land size. We have just over 3 acres :) OK, back to cleaning -- BLEK! It's a stamping weekend coming up though (between two birthday parties, baseball games, a BBQ and a field trip -- oh and Daddy will be gone :(] Crazy life I tell ya! But hey -- WE HAVE REAL WALLS!!!

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Quilt Nut said...

love your ceilings! congrats on the walls