Sunday, June 08, 2008

always card

First off, I apologize for the few photos that I have taken. Bad lighting and little time is my only excuse. I'll make sure my next batch have genuine sunshine (what does that look like again?!) Wow... have we had rain and wet weather. {insert much whining and complaining here} LOL. Thanks for the comments, feels good to be back blogging. Life is going to be crazy the next couple of weeks as school is ALMOST DONE -- yeeeeehawwwww.... but I hope to check in each day, so please do leave me a comment & say hello so that I know someone is out there! :)

I made this card awhile back with a retired set called gently falling. Sweet set. I used some hodgepoge on there and assorted blue cardstock. Very simple card. I just ordered a new stamp and REAL COPIC paper (might arrive tomorrow!!) so I hope to work my butt off tomorrow so I can find a WEE bit of play time. Took hubby to the airport today so that's always tough. Growing very weary of him working in another province! Hope to chance that by the end of summer!! Stay tuned :) So kids were weepy at bedtime. My little boy (age 9) is always so tough. He was very quietly reading his book and when I peeked on him in bed & asked him how he was he just shrugged his shoulder & said... "I could use a hug". MELT MY HEART!! Then to feel his little body shake with tears and a choked out "I miss Dad"... *sigh*. Makes me KNOW we're making the right choice in moving to be together.... even though we have to say goodbye to the house. *double sigh* I'm amazed at one can give up to keep a family together & strong. It's amazing. I'm very thankful.

I hope you all have a great week! I've been so out of the loop -- what's everyone working on?



Giovana said...

WOWW, must be really hard for you and the kids have daddy in another Province.
I like your card and the new look of your blog too!!!!

Have a blessed day

Quilt Nut said...

very cute Jen-love the hardware