Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got inked!

Yes, 'tis true, I actually stamped TONIGHT! :) Need a couple of Father's Day cards (nothing like a little time crunch to finally get me in there!). I will post the one I made tomorrow for you to see. The second one I started.... naaaa.... I dunno. Just not coming out QUITE RIGHT. And seeing as it's going to be late anyway (how does this always happen?!) I may as well GET IT RIGHT I SAY! :)

My oldest comes home from camp tomorrow... I miss her! Funny, only been gone 3 days (how'd *I* ever survive summer camp) LOL. It's also beach day for the younger two that I will drive for and tag along to. Should be a fun day, although the weather isn't screamin' BEACH DAY!!!! it'll still be nice to get out, relax, and enjoy some play time. Sure been missin' that.

We made it to the park when the rain decided not to fall a week or two ago and I loved this shot I got of the girls :) Welcome to the weekend.... hope it's a good one!

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