Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sarah's little heart.

Been MIA for awhile here. Trying to organize the what,when, and hows of moving -- then thinking of countless ways to avoid packing. Then it hits me to just START, and as soon as that feeling hits me it's gone again :). So there's been lots of sorting, but the number of boxes packed & labeled is only 3. LOL. So I'm thinking that going to the movies tonight will help! LOL. Who can resist GET SMART?!

No stamping, but a cute story. My littlest one (7) came inside weeping & wailing. She was out go-carting & looked down at her special little ring we bought her in Aruba and the stone was gone. Oh the poor thing. Her shoulders were shaking and she was DEVASTATED! PLEEEEZE Mama, help me find it, pleeeeeeeze. Yes, we live on 3.5 acres. *sigh*. I gave her a big hug, dried her tears and tried to show her that the ring was still pretty. Awww, but it was so special because it changes color with the sun. So I took her by the hand, said a special little prayer and off we went in search of a tiny little heart, no bigger than a pea! Needle in a haystack comes to mind. I looked out over the yard and we started looking.... no sooner did we start when I found that tiny little heart. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Oh, she was jumping up & down, beyond excited... thank you Mommy, thank you Mommy, you're the BEST MOMMY EVER! *sigh*.... love that! So... we came in and pulled out the handy-dandy CRYSTAL EFFECTS and glued that little heart back on. GOOD AS NEW!

So.... who cares about packing boxes, I found my little girls' heart! :)


Quilt Nut said...

awwww, so sweet! glad you were able to find it

kellycats said...

So sweet Jen. I can imagine just how happy she was that you found it for her. Wonderful!

Giovana said...

That's a great story!!! You certainly are a great MOM!!!

God bless you