Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So anyone working on Christmas cards yet ? LOL... NO, I'm not. I saved this one made by a friend of mine, Sarah Soulta-Heller, HI SARAH! I loved it. SO CUTE. I have a little father's day book I'm working on for David that I will share with you (when I know he's not peeking in on here!!) but i had this one on file that I thought I'd share with you for today. Isn't that Christmas tree cute?! And what a great card to do with you little ones... all those circle punches. LOVE IT.

Daddy comes in late tonight so we're all smiles at our house today. The little ones all went to school today so that was a real blessing... hoping you all stay healthy and have a great week!

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Jessica Kennedy said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just found your blog and was poking around. What's a SAHM?

I'm a children's writer. I used to be a craft nut. I had a stroke and am paralyzed.

Your cards are great. I play with a greeting card program called Print Master. You might enjoy using it. It has over 100,000 graphics and dozens of fonts.

Jessica Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer
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