Monday, June 30, 2008


Too much sun today? Too many rocks I raked? Too long of a stamping-lull? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!?! I needed to stamp. Tough day, and thought I'd try to slip into my stamping space (step over boxes, clear off a space) and stamp. 10 minutes... I could make a simple card, yes? Thought I'd *finally* pull out and try my new nestibilities!! First attempt -- crooked. Second attempt -- poor imprint. Third attempt -- cut instead of emboss. *sigh* Head to the computer for help.... I knew I had saved a tutorial somewhere. YES! Here it was... "A Day In the Life" By Gina K. I was DETERMINED NOT to walk outta the room until I had a card made & photographed. Hubby called... I made you a drink... come sit on the deck...
I quickly stamped my sentiment, grabbed my camera, snapped a pic, and headed outside to be greeted to this!!!

A tough day, my hubby's amazing iced coffee... life can still be good :) !
I'll show you the card tomorrow :) LOL

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