Saturday, June 21, 2008

much heartache

Well, last night we told the kids that we were moving.... much heartache in our house. Hate decisions that hurt my babies!!!! So we are Alberta-bound in about a month. So it's been crazy emotional here & I haven't had too much time to get David's father's day book done (gotta have it done by tomorrow!) but I thought I'd share with you the "cover page"... :) I used a chipboard-boardbook I had purchased in a scrapbook store. Thought it would work great, I'm happy with how it's coming along. Nearly done... one set of pages left!

I'll show the rest of the pages next week. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend --

...let the packing begin {sigh}

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Nancy said...

As hard as it will be to leave everyone behind, try to make it a great adventure for everyone... I have always believed that if you give a negative spin, things turn out negative. If you give a positive spin (and mean it), things will be OK.

Where abouts are you moving to?