Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Card - take II

Well, four more days of school, 3 missed hours of sleep last night, 2 sick children: 1 tonsillitis & 1 stomach flu. That's the kick off to summer :( POOR babies. Daddy returns tomorrow night and somehow that will make everything OK :) My oldest said the other night "why do we always get sick & life gets crazy whenever dad leaves?" GOOD QUESTION!! LOL.

Well my Dad's father's day card (first attempt) didn't make it. Just not coming together for me, so decided last night to start afresh and go with the good 'ol SPOTLIGHTING technique. Simple and when you're in a time crunch (or simply don't want to color the WHOLE thing) this is the perfect technique to try out.
1. stamp your image
2. repeat :)
3. use your circle punch and pick a spot (any spot) on one of the images and punch out.
4. color the punched out image and layer on another circle, slightly larger.
5. match it up on your plain image and put your card together.
PERFECT! I thought the card needed some texture, but ribbon on a man's card... difficult to pull off! So I found this piece of *cherish* ribbon and ran it through my wonderful little ribbon iron to get it good & flat, and placed that along the side while adding a little linen thread on either side of it. Started with the knot, but then moved it around simply for the simple line. :)
I'm happy with it and will pop that into the mail today. I know, late. I did phone him & tell him I loved him & that his card was still not in the mailbox. As only a Dad can do.... he said "they're always worth waiting for!" Aaahhhh. I do have a great Dad. I hope you all enjoyed celebrating your Dad's. We're going to celebrate again on Sunday when OUR DADDY is home :)
enjoy your sunny day!


Giovana said...

I have to try this technique, your card is pretty.
God bless

otagogirl said...

I love that card! Nice to see that set again too, must dig it out.
I can't tell you the number of half-finished-but-just-not-working-for me cards I have put away!!