Wednesday, July 02, 2008

12 year old Birthday Boy.

Greetings suntanned stampers! :) At least I hope the sun is shining and you're going a nice bronze color -- that means you're out and relaxing, which is what everyone needs over the summer. I hope to get that NEXT month when I stay with my mom with the kids for 3 WEEKS... now is SHE READY for that?! :) That's the thing with living too far apart, we savour those moments, and three weeks is going to be SUCH A TREAT. The house will be packed and we'll be on our way to Fort Mac and a new family adventure :) So she says... BRING YOUR STAMPING STUFF!! LOL, but of course! But *WHAT* to take will be the vital question. I like to have everything, because most certainly what I do not take will be what I wish I had (why does that always happen?!) So, as I pack up my stamp room I will have to decide Vernon OR moving truck....

I finally got around to making my nephew's belated birthday card (now I just have to pick up an itunes card!). he's turning 12 and yes, his Dad lets him drive their car around their property (and yes, he backed into their SUV!) CRAZY. And NO, my daughter will not be allowed to do the same thing. I can hear it now "But Caleb is allowed!" LOL. Still *practicing* with my Copic Markers. Kristie from She Runs With Scissors (link in the sidebar) sent me a DVD tutorial that I will HAVE to watch. maybe on the trip when hubby is driving I will sit back and watch it on the DVD players -- wonder how many "Aw MOM!"'s I'll get! LOL
Hope your day is wonderful,

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