Friday, July 25, 2008

MOVING weekend has arrived.

Moving weekend has arrived. Well... phase one. Of course regular people pack, get a moving truck & head out WITH THEIR STUFF... and a place to move INTO is a bonus as well. We however, are not 'regular people' - LOL. We're {still} packing, putting stuff in the garage (and center of rooms) and then we'll leave and head to my mom's for a month. At the end of *next* month, DH's Dad will get some guys, load up the truck and drive it out to Ft. Mac for September 1st. And yes, I'm hoping we have found a place by then. Stress?! well.... maybe a wee bit! Need to pack what we need for a month, plus all the kids' school stuff in case we don't get into a place by then (which I do believe is the VERY NEXT DAY - Sept. 2nd).... & get it into the truck WITH MY STAMPING STUFF. Oh yeah... it's going to be a fun weekend. So I will be back hopefully on Monday... but for now -- it's a final run & then packing central! :) Enjoy your weekend. I even have a card to share with you:

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