Friday, July 04, 2008

A run + the mall with 3 children = late post.

It was a good day. Started it out on the trails with my good running buddy & we had a great 10K run, home to clean up and then rounded all the excited munchkinz up for a *day at the mall*. Seriously, I HATE going to the mall with the kids. All the begging, all the whining, all the impatience... yeah, no fun. But today was AMAZING! We went to this store & that, they happily tried on outfits and selected the ones they loved, I carried the bags that multiplied rapidly to prove we were having a SUCCESSFUL day. A couple stops at the food court to replenish, relax & refocus and we were good to go. We were gone for 6 HOURS! Everyone was happy. It was a good day. Home for a quick supper, a wee bit of TV, some stories & they're all nicely tucked into bed. I even have a movie for myself tonight and big 'ol bowl of popcorn with MY name on it! A good day. I love good days :) A real treat amid the stress & far too long to-do lists. They all even managed to get their chores done. :)
ANYWAY... I did get my card stamped out using the photo in yesterday's post as inspiration....

I used the cuttlebug on the background... kept it white like the photo and then added the soft green/blue hues to it. Simple, but pretty. I actually pulled out my Sterling Silver Embossing Powder... wow, haven't heat embossed in a LONG time! Isn't it funny how it goes in waves like that. When I first saw embossing my jaw dropped - LOVED it. Bought nearly ever color under the sun and even that which GLOWS IN THE DARK. I know - crazy! Then it's forever and a day since I use it. :) I've seen white on white that looks sooooo pretty. Should try that. Mmmmm.... I see a card formulating :) I hope your summer day was pure bliss! Enjoy your weekend. Happy Independence Day for those of you in the USA :)