Sunday, July 20, 2008

A new Day.

I do enjoy Sundays. Not only because it's a lazy morning and we all head to church as a family (although I do love that), but it's a new week. A fresh beginning. And somehow that brings a renewed sense of motivation & and reflection. I'm a list girl. Always have been. I plan our meals, my *chores*, my activities. So yes, change can be somewhat difficult for me - LOL. Living in this CHAOTIC state for the last few years has been challenging to say the least. But... as we enjoy our final week here on the island, I find myself excited for the adventures that lay ahead & blessed at all the joy we have had here the last 14 years. Wow. 14 years, how does that happen?! Today we are taking the kids to one of our favorite, but rarely visited, places. Long Beach. It's where their Daddy proposed to me :) It's simply beautiful. My MIL called me up and said she thought is was almost "wrong" for my island-born babes to move away without walking the beach in Tofino. So, after church we will load up Grandpa & Grandma's minivan and head off to enjoy a day together. We will leave the boxes for Monday, the packing paper & bubble wrap aside & play. I can hardly wait.

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