Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Already!?!

Determined that today *WILL BE* a packing day. Ran out of boxes. I'm thinking I need a box boy. :) Someone who will run & get me boxes as I run out. I get in the groove, then no boxes... seems to take a few days to not only find boxes, but get in the groove again :) What are you all doing? Haven't heard from many of you -- enjoy summer I do hope! Tell me so i can dream of that while I'm packing!! LOL. Thinking of palm trees, beaches, sandcastles.... ahhhhhh.....
nearly done showing you the book.... couple more of the final pages :) Think I'll share an amazing brownie recipe with you tomorrow :) YUM. stay tuned.

1 comment:

Giovana said...

Jen, all your pages are so pretty!!!!
Good luck packing, I remember last year I spent a month packing, not fun at all.

I will check tomorrow your yummy recipe.

God bless