Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreams.... and packing boxes!

Well, it's official - we're moving. Yes, again. Yes, we're crazy. :) Yes, I'm still smiling, even though I look around and see boxes waiting to be packed up. So.. the reason my stamping has been *very* limited is because we've been going through some MAJOR decisions. Isn't it interesting how & where life takes you? More than likely we will be back up here this fall, but until then we are heading out on a family adventure. Pulling the kids out of school & FINALLY heading to Arizona!! A place my hubby dreams of and desperately wants to move. Now whether or not we'll ever actually live there?? who knows, but for now, we're heading down to check it out and also spend some time in California. We're so looking forward to the time away to spend as a family. Life has been more than stressful & we are so looking forward to this time together. It will be treasured!So, that's the news :) Needed to tell family before anyone else -- so it's all out there now :)

So, what I have been trying to do when stamping time appears, is to stamp ahead and get the birthday cards that I *need* while we're away. I won't have my stamping stuff with me, so I need to be prepared for upcoming birthdays & such. Just can't imagine BUYING a card! LOL. So this one is for Sarah (our #3) who will be turning 8 while we are on our trip. Hard to believe my baby is getting so big now. She still loves orange with touches of pink, so again her card had to have ORANGE as the feature color! She also loves to read. She spends her mornings with her little lamp on reading, reading, reading.. until she slowly drifts downstairs for breakfast. What a way to wake up! :)

Kids are thrilled beyond belief with it all. They were told we're taking them to Disneyland for their birthday - wow, the shrieking involved was amazing. A perfect reaction! :)

Kids are home this week - winter break here. So it's been great not to have to rush to school. Just enjoying being with them.. playing LOTS of monopoly! :)
enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, how cool. I hope you still post to your blog while you're gone. I read it everyday!


kellycats said...

You guys are so adventurous! Awesome. I do hope you keep posting will away, we will be missing you too much if not.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment.


Leanne said...

Good for you! I wish you a wonderful trip! :)