Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my brother's card

Sorry for the photo... my lighting is off.... need to tweak that a bit. Hard to take photos indoors in the winter time without any natural light. ANYWAY. A card was finally made. My brother is totally into photography so I thought I'd make a little film strip for his card :) It was a very quick card (yes his birthday is in May... I'm getting PREPARED this year!!) I stamped & cut out the star (added dimensionals as well, to pop it off the page) and the other "images" are rubons. Made for a quick card! I stamped the corner with his birthday on it :) Easy. Done. :) Love that. I always find it hard to make a *manly* card -- one without lighthouses, wild animals and golfers. I was pleased with how the simplicity of this one works. What do you think?
Busy this week as we get ready for my oldest girl's 12th birthday party this coming weekend... but I still hope to faithfully post. We made her invitations on the weekend (she wanted to make the explosion boxes, so that was fun).
Ok.. busy day so I'm off.... enjoy yours!