Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joshua turns 10 in a month!

Next month Joshua turns 10. K, I must say, life is going by too quickly. I'm really trying to focus on savoring the moments - they'll be grown & on their own before I realize. It's good for me to remember to stop, slow down, and be in the moment. So easy to get caught up in the face pace of life! For Joshua, I wanted something simple. I had made a card before with these stars and he thought it was very cool, so I thought I'd recreate it (with some changes) for his birthday card. Did some paper-piercing & layering (red) and avoided ribbon. I thought the red helped the card pop a little without the need of ribbons (which probably wouldn't impress him). A few brads at the top to add some texture & popped out a couple of the stars with stampin' dimensionals (not sure if you can tell in the photo). I love that the kids love my cards :)
The packing continues... a little bit each day I keep telling myself so I'm not overwhelmed with it all :) Baby steps. I should be a pro. I think we figured out that in our nearly 15 years of marriage we have moved 14 times (and we lived in one house for 4 years!!!).... I should be used to this by now. I want the next one to be forever.... but I'm thinking it won't be. Not quite yet.
ahhhh.... patience. I'm learning :)

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