Thursday, April 23, 2009

miss you.

As the house slowly looks more like a warehouse with boxes stacked high and little place to move, I find myself also preparing for the goodbye's that will inevitably come. I hate that ride to the airport with all the kids to say goodbye to Daddy week after week. I'm hoping being at Grandma's will provide some excitement and make the goodbyes less teary. Made a card ahead of time for the kids to write in & slip into his bag on one of his trips away. Again bits & pieces. Ribbon pieces that I simply glued behind the image (using glue dots, love those) and some natural hemp and a metal rimmed tag. The image was colored with Stampin' Up!'s watercolor crayons on watercolor paper. I love the softness that watercoloring creates and those crayons can make anyone feel like an artist :)
Posts will be sporadic as I try to organize my days. With homeschooling the kids now, that takes up my morning so the afternoon I try to get as much packing done as I can. Of course with three kids at home, there's still snacks and regular NEEEEEEDS for MOOOOOOOMMY! Stamping items are getting packed up as I try to sort things to take, things to store. Paper is my hardest - what to take, I do think hubby is going to die when he sees how much I want to take. Think I'll be holding boxes on my lap! HA. So I hope you are all having a great week - I shall pop in now & then for a break & a "visit" :) We got a snowfall last night (unreal, kids had a lemonade stand last weekend!!) so that was disappointing....hopefully it'll clear up for moving day.

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Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Jennifer: Such a cute card! I know how it is to have to say good-bye every husband has been a visiting professor for the past two years and so he's gone a good portion of the academic year. With us moving to Laramie, Wyoming, we'll all be this very small town!! I'm so sorry I haven't mailed the blog candy to you yet...but I plan to do so tomorrow! Life got in the way everytime I planned to pack it up and take to the Post Office...but it's packed and I'm putting it in my car tonight. Thanks for being so patient and hopefully it will arrive before you do! Good luck with the packing...I really must start on mine!!! Best,