Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday's Share.

A few more favorite blogs for you to enjoy your morning coffee with (OH HOW I MISS MY COFFEE!!!) - Trying to remind myself WHY I went off of coffee, LOL. Mostly for health reasons. When I realized the NASTY headache I got when I DIDN'T get my coffee... I realized I needed to go off of it for awhile. Hate addictions in my life (other than stamping of course!) Also I'm horrible at getting enough water in me...going OFF coffee has really helped me with this. I'm sure I'll be slowly weaning myself back -- at least the iced varieties as summer approaches...it is coming, right?! Ok... enjoy these -
  1. 3191 Miles Apart
  2. Retro Mama
  3. Pencil Lines (great scrapbooking sketch blog!!)

Remember too, drop me a comment with a favorite blog or site you like!


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